Menara Hookah Lounge

VIP Special for Hookah Lounge at Menara! VIP Special for Hookah Lounge at Menara!

After 30 plus years of serving San Jose and the Bay Area with fine Moroccan Cuisine we are proud to announce the Opening of Hookah Lounge at Menara!  Being such a special occasion we would like to offer our VIP’s with a little something extra. All VIP’s get 50% off on their Hookah order on our grand opening weekend. It doesn’t... [Read more of this review]

Hookah Lounge now OPEN! Hookah Lounge now OPEN!

After many months of planning and waiting we are glad to announce that our Hookah Lounge at Menara is now open. We will have our Grand Opening on Septemeber 10th, 2010. We offer a full bar, tasters and of course HOOKAH! FYI to all those who don’t smoke hookah. Hookah Lounge at Menara is an after hours lounge setting that takes place after our... [Read more of this review]

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