Experience Authentic Moroccan
Culture & Cuisine in San Jose

Menara Moroccan Restaurant opened their doors over 30 years ago with the idea of bringing a new sense of culture and cuisine to the south bay.

Menara was the first Moroccan restaurant in San Jose and has continued to provide unbeatable quality with a rich ambiance.

Menara was started by first generation owner Arvind Shah in the late 1970’s and now has passed the torch to his son 2nd generation restaurateur Anand Shah who has been part of the restaurant since childhood. Anand’s concept is to keep the soul of the restaurant as his father had intended but bring about some new elements to the menu which will keep the Menara legacy fresh and current.

Menara is more than just a restaurant to the Shah family. It is a part of who they are. For 38 years now Anand and the Shah family want to bring the best part of Moroccan culture through an award winning menu and an ambience that is like no other in the Bay Area.

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