Michael V.

Awesome experience and great food. Everyone there was great and the service is fantastic!! Will be going back the next time I am in San Jose.

Neivia L.

Awesome food, wonderful service and entertainment. 🙂 2nd time here. A great experience for family and friends too!

Teava G.

I have loved this place ever since the first day I set foot in it nearly 20 years ago! And now the polite teenage boy who served me way back when, has taken over for his father, and while maintaining every quality that makes Menara so special, has also brought a new, even more vibrant edge to the restaurant by offering evening Hookah as well as an updated, and amazing, playlist for the diners and dancers! Menara, we are so lucky that you are in San Jose, may your legacy live on and on!

Vicky T.

I love this place so much it’s ridiculous. […] I had not been here in forever.. Came back with a vengeance and a huge appetite. Everything was delicious. […] The wait staff was awesome and everything was constantly refilled without question. From the rose water scented water to clean our hands to our courses coming out in a timely manner totally on point. We asked a lot of questions through out the meal and the staff was patient and totally answered all of them. […]

Carol C.

I’ve been here several times over the last few decades and have greatly enjoyed myself every time.  […] I love the food and the mint tea and the banquettes that we sit on. I tend to bring people from out of town here, to impress them with Menara’s exotic atmosphere and interesting food. Lots of fun! […]

Featured Food Items

Harira Soup

Lentils, Spices, Lemon



Garbanzo, Tahini, Oil, Garlic, Paprika


Chicken B’stilla

Chicken, Almonds, Eggs, Cinnamon, Sugar

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